Why Michelle is running for the Denver School Board

Student Safety

We must remain focused on advancing physical, emotional, social, cultural, and intellectual spaces for students. Every student should feel safe and welcomed the moment they enroll in Denver Public Schools. For Michelle this means advancing physical, emotional, social, cultural and intellectual spaces for students. In order to make that happen we need to put resources in place to support our educators, increase mental health supports, and ensure that every community is able to have their needs met with wrap-around services. 

Kids in Preschool

Access to Resources

All students regardless of social and economic backgrounds must have access to resources in Denver Public Schools. We want every student to have the same opportunities for college and career readiness, sports, and well rounded electives. But before we rise the tide, we need to ensure all students have a boat. All students must have access to post secondary readiness opportunities. Michelle will prioritize equity in our education system by supporting universal meal programs, ensuring that every student has access to the technology they need in the classroom and at home, and partnering across governmental lines to see that families and educators have the support they need. 

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Authentic Community Partnership

We must engage in authentic partnership with  students, teachers, families, and community partners. It took Michelle six years to change the systems at George Washington and create an inclusive International Baccalaureate (IB) program for ALL students. She spent those six years building a coalition of students, educators, families, and community partners. This took having authentic conversations, genuine listening, and true collaboration. Michelle will continue these guiding principles advocating for all children in Denver Public Schools. Now as an educator Michelle advocates for families that did not have the same resources she did. 


Diverse Staff Recruitment, Support, & Retention

When we hire our educators we must ensure that our applicants are diverse like our current student population. This means working with our unions and various community organizations to recruit more Black, Brown, and Indigenous educators. Then we must do our part as a district to ensure that ALL educators are paid a true living wage. Did you know that the majority of our para-educators are people of color, however over seventy five percent of our in classroom teachers are white? Michelle’s experience of building diverse coalitions will help guide her as a School Board member to ensure that diversity is always the focal point when we go out into our communities to search for the best educators for our students. Finally we must create an environment where our educators want to return each year to continue this hard work. This means we must re-evaluate how our educators are graded on their performance, because LEAP is a broken system. Michelle is ready to begin working on these issues on day one.